Sunday, November 18, 2012


When Most People Think Of Randalls They Think Groceries.
I Think of a man I met named David Randall. I had the
privilege of meeting David at Brazosport CrossFit sometime
early this year. I couldn't tell you how the training session started,
but I can tell you David was my partner during a team WOD
as we competed against the owners. When we began to
lock the gym I noticed there weren't any vehicles in the parking
lot, so I asked David if he needed a ride. "No thank you", he replied.
He was only in town for a few days before he went back
off shore again. He said he was staying in a hotel not too far &
he would be fine jogging back. Although David didn't share too
much about his life I connected with the sense of just
"Traveling Through". I recieved a message from David
earlier today & would like to share it. Congrats on your
new PR of snatch brother & stay blessed as you continue on
your journey. #UGL #MoreThanABrand #Community #Family
hey brotha. You need to know that your last video post, to me, was awesome. Because I believe one should tell others when they have made a difference... Here I go. Thank for your coaching me that one time we WODED. You went over the squat snatch with me. Well today I PR 205 for three unbroken. Thank you.

Box Squats
2 Rounds:
30x Single Arm Thruster 53/35
(15 left 15 right)
100x Double Unders / 300x Singles
Then 800m Run (Buy Out)
-I Am Legend

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