Monday, January 31, 2011


Why Is It Hard For Some People To Believe That They Have
The Ability To Make Something Special Out Of Themselves? Is It
Really Fair To Say That You Just Need To Be Sure Before Plunging
Into The Unknown? Have You Ever Noticed That People Who Have
Found Success, Does Not Necessarily Mean That They Have Done
This In A Short Span Of Time? If You Take A Look At These People,
They Will Tell You Stories Of Relentlessness And Perseverance, And
Believing In Something Even Though People They Know Gave
Up On Them. Now, Believing In Positivity Is Something We Do Not
Always Do, Almost Everything In Our Lives, We Tend To Fight Or
Hold On To What We Believe Is Coming Or Has Come. Sometimes
Things Do Not Go Our Way, And What We Do Is Blame These
Problems To People Or Things That We Have No Control Of.
Start Believing And Start Taking Control Of Your Life.
5 Rounds:
400m Run
30x Wall Balls #20 / #14
30x Box Jumps
-I Am Legend

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