Thursday, January 27, 2011


This Might Be A Tough One To Understand. You May Be
Asking Yourself; Don't Content And Satisfied Mean The Same
Thing? Not Really. Contentment Is Something We Should All
Be Striving For. To Be Content, As Far As I'm Concerned, Is To
Be Able To Be Happy In The Life You're Living; To Have The Ability
To Be Grateful For What You Have And Enjoy Life. I'm Content,
But I'll Never Be Satisfied. To Say That You Are Satisfied With
Everything In Your Life Is Just A Way To Justify Giving Up On Your
Dreams. I Believe That If You Ever Feel Completely Satisfied With
Everything In Your Life, You Haven't Set The Bar High Enough.
You've Given In To The Temptation To Accept Mediocrity. You've
Settled For Being Good Rather Than Striving To Be Great. I
Encourage You To Not Allow Yourself To Be Completely Satisfied
With Your Life. The Only Time You Should Allow Yourself To
Stop Striving To Be Better Is When You're Six Feet Under!!
Tabata Abs
AMRAP In 15 Minutes
8x Power Cleans #155 / #105
12x Box Jumps
-I Am Legend

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