Thursday, January 20, 2011


Are You Flowing Towards All The Directions You Want To?
Or Are You Limiting Yourself Because You Feel "Safe" Or
"Comfortable" Being Where You Are? One Thing I Have Noticed
Throughout Life Is - People Are Never Truly Happy Being Where
They Are, No Matter Who They Are. Each One Has His Or Her
Unique Way Of Expressing It. We All Want More From Life But
It All Boils Down To How Many Of Us Actually Get Down To Doing
Something About It. If You Don't Change Your Direction From
Time To Time, The Change Happens Anyway But You May Not Like
Where You Are Headed. Some Of Us Get So "Comfortable" With
Our Lives Without Realizing That This Attitude Is Denying You
Of The Life You Actually Wish For. Puffy Clouds With Words Like
"Risky" & "Discomfort" Keep Hovering Overhead As We Go About
Living A Life That We Make Ourselves Believe We Are Happy With.
The Difference Between You And The Person You Would Like To
Be Is The Comfort Zone You Live In. The Comfort Zone You Are
Used To Is Only An Illusion That You Have Created From Your
Past Thoughts. You Just Have To Start Creating A New Illusion
With Your Mind And You Will Be Able To Live The Life You Want.
100x Pull Ups *Any Style
30x Clean & Jerk #135 / #95
-I Am Legend

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