Friday, January 14, 2011


Belief Is Something Which Can Be Built By Thinking In A
Particular Way, Using Both Your Logical Mind And Your Emotions.
You See, If Your Focus Upon The Same Thing Clearly And
Consistently With A Positive Emotional Attachment You Will
Naturally Be Led In That Direction. You Create A State Of Tunnel
Vision For Yourself Simply By Applying Consistent Focus. Just
How Do You Access This Magical Ingredient Of Self-Belief? We Tend
To Think You Either Believe In Something Or Not. But This Really Isn't The Case. If You Were To Ask Cornelius Vanderbuilt Or Winston
Churchill (2 Examples Of Human Beings Who Had Unshakable
Belief) How They Came To Have Their Strong Belief, They Would
Both Say That Their Belief Came From The Way In Which
They Thought. I Read A Motivational Message Earlier Today Which
Directed One To Teach Your Imagination To Visualize Successful
Moments. It Had A Small Proviso Added; To Just Be Sure That You
Are In The Picture. To Capitalize Upon Your Natural Talent Of
Dreaming, You Should Ensure That You Picture What You Really
Want To Happen And Not What You Do Not Want To Materialize.
1 Mile Run *For Time
AMRAP In 10 Minutes
6x Box Jumps *On The Minute
Max Rep Push Ups For Remainder Of Minute
*Count Total Reps Of Push Ups After 10 Minutes Expires.
-I Am Legend

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