Thursday, January 6, 2011


If You Look Around At The Top Performers Today In Any Field -
Sports, Sales, Or Even Coaching Itself - You'll Find That Almost
All Of These Top Performers Have At Least One Thing In Common.
They All Had A Coach At One Time Or Another In Their Professional
Careers. Whether It's Golf, Tennis, Running, Sales, Business
Management, Or Writing, A Coach Can Help You Perform At A Much
Higher Level. Here's How:
-A Good Coach Will Keep You Motivated. Since You Have To Report
Regularly To Your Coach, You'll Get Constant Feedback &
Encouragement, This Will Keep You Motivated To Achieve Your Best.
-A Good Coach Will Offer A System For Success. With A System
In Place, You'll Be More Likely To Stick With It.
-A Good Coach Will Help You Learn To Plan. Your Coach Will Help
You Set Goals That Are Realistic And Design Training That Will
Help You Achieve Those Goals. Another Words A Good Coach
Will Help Keep You Focused.
-A Good Coach Will Offer You Professional Advice. They Will Help
You Get Beyond Certain Plateaus When You No Longer Seem To
Be Moving Ahead & Improving.
Everyone Needs A Coach. So Find A Coach Who Is Right For You.
So Get Ready To Enjoy The Climb To Your Top Level Of Performance.
50x GHD Situps
AMRAP 15 Minutes
6x Front Squat #155 / #105
-I Am Legend

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