Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Overwhelm Isn't Just Having A Lot Of Things To Do.
When You're Overwhelmed You Often Feel Stuck Because
There's So Much To Do You Don't Know Where To Start. Being
Overwhelmed Can Keep You Going Around In Circles. Ask,
"What Is The Most Important Thing To Do Right Now?" Focus On
That One Thing. Many 'Urgent' Are Not As Important As You Think.
I Suggest You Step Back And View The Big Picture. What Exactly
Are You Trying To Do? It Is Possible To Get So Caught Up In The
Detail That You Lose Sight Of What Really Needs Doing. If The
Task Seems Too Big Break It Down Into Small Easy To Do Steps.
If You Are Struggling To Make A Decision, Just Do Something, It
Doesn't Really Matter What, Do The First Thing That Comes To
Mind. You Will Soon Know Whether It Is The Right Decision For
You. Simply Change Your Mind If It Is Obvious That You Could
Make A Better Choice. Focus On One Thing At A Time, And Complete
The Task Before Starting Something Else. Switching Between
Tasks Can Be An Energy Drain And Time Waster.
Snatch Grip DeadLift
5 Rounds
400m Run
20x Kettle Bell Swings #53 / #35
-I Am Legend

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