Friday, January 7, 2011


When We Are Faced With The Moment Of Losing Something,
Whether It Be A Job, Loved One, Or A Way Of Being, It Can Act
As A Catalyst Of Reversion. Leading Us On A Path Away From
Ourselves. It Is Almost As If In Order To Deal With It We Must
Lose Ourselves As Well. To Be Present Is Harder Than Letting Go
Of The Situation And Falling Into What Overwhelms Us. To See
Ourselves Clearly In These Moments Helps To Exist With What Is
Happening. By Letting Go Of Ourselves We Lose The Hold Of Not
Only Of Our Own Reality But Of What Is True. It Is Almost As If
We Prefer To Hide In The Moment That Most Scares Us, Than See
It For What It Is So That We Can Move On. This Does Make Sense,
For To Admit That We Have Lost Something Means That It Has
Really Happened. But Admitting It Is Often The First Step To
Recovery Into The Present, It Allows Us To Come Back To Our Life.
Let Go Of Whatever Holds You Back... Be Free
*Find New PR'
800m Run
3 Rounds
Mas Rep Ring Dips
Max Rep Straight Bar Curl #75 / #45
800m Run
-I Am Legend

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