Sunday, January 30, 2011


I Usually Try To Avoid Cliches, But When It Rains It Pours.
Recently, It Has Been Revealed To Me That Most People Are
Recovering From Something. It Was Planted In My Mind A Long
Time Ago That Some People's Lives Are Easier Than Others, But
That Is Not True. I Imagined That Hard Times Show On A Person's
Face Or In Their Attitude. The People Who Smile Everyday And
Have A Great Attitude Could Not Possibly Know What It Is Like
To Suffer. The Truth Is That We All Go Through Things And What
Truly Seperates Us Is How We Let It Affect Us. Some People Can
Sustain A Certain Lifestyle Their Entire Lives, Others Make Progress
And Develop A New Approach. No Setback Seems Minor When
You Are Experiencing It. There Is Also No Way To Determine If
One Setback Is Bigger Than Another. Recent Experiences Have
Shown Me That People Go From Challenge To Challenge. Some
Use Those Challenges To Become Better, Some Become Bitter.
All We Can Do Is Live & Learn. God Bless.
Back Squat
4 Rounds
20x Wall Ball
20x Ring Dips
400m Run
-I Am Legend

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