Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lactic Acid... Is It Really That Bad?

Many Coaches And Athletes Routinely Perceive Lactic Acid,
Or More Specifically Lactate, As A Dead End Waste Product That
Is Completely Unfavourable To All Athletic Performance. This
Assumption However, May Longer Be Considered Accurate -
So Much That Has Been Labelled The Mythology Of Lactic Acid.
While Sports Scientists Are Largely In Agreement That Lactate
Behaves More Like An Athletes Friend Than Foe, Recent Research
Has Now Begun To Question One Of The Basic Tenate Of
Muscular Fatigue Increased Acidity Or Lactic Acidosis. A Basic
Understanding Of Energy Metabolism During Exersise Is
Helpful To Appreciate Some Of The Current Issues Surrounding
Lactic Acid. For More Information On Lactic Acid Go To
Hang Power Snatch
3 Rounds
10x Push Press #135 / #95
15x Ball Slams #25 / #16
50m Weighted Lunges #35 / #20
-I Am Legend

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