Monday, December 27, 2010


Another Year Is About To Tick Over, With A New
One Waiting Just Over The Horizon. Many People Will
Be Thinking About How To Make Next Year Better Than This
Year And Will Probably Even Make A New Year's Resolution
Or Two. They Will Be Trying To Change Old Habits, Create New
Ones, Work Harder, Find The "One", Spend More Time With
Family, Earn More Money, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, And
So Many More Aims That Will Probably Be Forgotten About Before
The First Month Is Over. The New Year Is A Great Time To
Review Your Past And Plan For Your Future, But For Any
Real Change To Occur There Has To Be A Long Term
Commitment. If You Are Truly Committed To Achieving Your
New Year's Resolution You Will Forget About Calling It A New
Year's Resolution! It Needs To Be A Constant Living Resolution
That You Are Committed To Achieving. This Living
Resolution Does Not Fade After January Finishes, Because It
Is Alive And It Takes Much More Than A Yearly Review To Survive.
10 Minutes Of Double Under Work
KB Swing #53 / #35
Thruster #95 / #65
-I Am Legend

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