Monday, December 6, 2010


Dr. Denis Waitley, Author Of Quantum Fitness, States
That Visualization Is The Ability Of The Mind To Carry Out
The Vivid Images Of Performance As If They Have Been
Achieved Before And Are Merely Being Repeated. Dr. Kay
Porter Used The Term "Visual Athletics" And Believes That
Imaging A Successful Performance Builds Pre-Race
Confidence And Helps Identify And Overcome Possible Race
Day Obstacles. Former University Of Illinois Basketball Coach,
Lou Henson, Utilized Visualization Sessions To Teach
Offensive Plays To His Squad, And Adam's State's Successful
Cross-Country Coach, Dr. Joe Vigil, Exhibited Video Tapes Of
Cross-Country Courses To Better Visualize An Upcoming Race.
To Be Effective, Your Athletes Must Be Convinced That
This Technique Is Important. They Must Be Informed That
Great Athletes Such As Dwight Stones And Jack Nicklaus
"Go To The Movies" Before Every High Jump And Every
Golf Shot. Dr. Robin S. Vealey Claims That Whenever You
Imagine Performing A Particular Sport Skill, Your Muscles
Will Fire In The Same Sequence As An Actual Performance.
Visualization Is The Key To Performance. See It Before It Happens.
Double Under Skill Work
5 Minutes
Power Snatch #115 / #75
Burpee Box Jump
-I Am Legend

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