Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On Intense Training Days, When You Are Performing Speed
And/Or Power Work, You Are Mostly Working In The
Anaerobic Energy System. In This Energy System, You Have
5-7 Seconds Of Available Energy (ATP) For Your Body To Use.
After A Set Is Performed In These 7 Seconds, It Takes Your
Body Approximately 3 Minutes To Completely Replenish Your
ATP Stores. Since Each Repetition Requires Such High Intensity,
You Want To Make Sure That Your Energy Stores Are Totally
Restored With No Fatigue Present. This Benefits Speed/Power
Athletes Because Longer Rest Periods Are Needed Between
Intervals On Intense Days Of Training (Speed Work, Weight
Training, Etc). This Is Due To The Stress Each Repetition Places
On The Central Nervous System (CNS). The Importance Of
Improved Capillary Density From Aerobic Conditioning Is
That You Can Maintain That Heat To Your Muscles For A
Longer Period Of Time Which Is Necessary During Rest Intervals.
Bench Press
Power Clean #135 / #95
OHS #135 / #95
-I Am Legend

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