Tuesday, December 14, 2010


At The Top Level It Is Not Your Physical Or Technical Expertise
Which Seperates You From The Competition. To Be
Outstanding You Have To Hold Your Nerve, Perform Under The
Most Intense Pressure, And Consistently Turn It On Even
When You Don't Feel At Your Best. Mental Toughness Is What
Makes Michael Jordan And Pete Sampras So Special. These
Athletes Know Their Real Battle Is Not So Much On The Court,
But Inside Their Heads. You Absolutely Must Manage Your Mental
Side If You Want To Be The Best. Given That Mental Strength
Is So Vital, I Find It Truly Amazing That It Is So Neglected In
Training Routines. If You Are One Of Those Athletes Who Spends
All Your Training Time On Technique And Fitness While Paying
No Attention To Your Mental Side, You Are Doing Yourself
A Serious Disservice. I Know From Countless Studies That
Mental Skills Are Acquirable And You Can, With Practice,
Learn To Perform Mentally. You Can Improve Your
Confidence, Concentration, Motivation And Anxiety Levels If
You Chose To. Now How Do You Train?
Split Jerk
10x Deadlift #315 / #205
20x Ring Dips
30x Burpees
40x Wall Ball #20 / #14
50x Double Unders
800m Run
-I Am Legend

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