Monday, December 20, 2010


It Is Very Important To Know That Sleep Is Highly Important
For Good Health. Sleep Is Not The Four To Five Hours Rest
You Take Every Night; In Fact, It Is Much Longer And
Leaves A Relaxed And Fresh Feeling With The Individual.
Most Everyone Needs A Minimum Of Eight Hours A Night, And
Some Even Nine Or Ten. Research Has Proven That Sleep Is
Important To Rebuild Our Bodies After The Strenuous Day's Work.
The Day's Work Tears You Up Physically And Mentally And You
Need Down Time To Rebuild Those Lost Cells And Energy
To Work As Efficiently The Next Day. A Good Nights Sleep Is
Your Cure To Inefficiency At Work. It Has Also Been Proved
That Failure To Recover From Stress Has Always Depreciated
The Efficiency Required At Work. Deadlines Are Neck To Neck
And You Are Running About Just To Complete Your Work.
By The Time We Get Home, We're Totally Exhausted And
Need Immediate Sleep. This Sleep Is However, Not At All
Restful. People End Up In Slumber Which Is Composed Of
Thoughts Of The Following Day And Other Stressful Details.
It's Now Easy To Understand Why So Many People Are Sleep
Deprived. So, Relax, Wind Down, Lay Down & Have A Good Night!
Power Snatch
*Partner WOD
50x Burpee W/ Med Ball
100x Hang Power Clean #115/ #75
150x DeadLift #115/ #75
200x Double Unders
200m Log Carry
-I Am Legend

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