Thursday, January 17, 2013


One Definition Of The Word "Thrive" Means 
"To Realize A Goal Despite Circumstances." That Means
You Can Prosper In All Things No Matter What Is Going On
Around You. You Don't Have To Settle For An Average
Year; You Can Have An Extraordinary Year. You May
Be Planning On Just Getting By, It's Time To See Your
Dreams Come To Pass. It's Time To Thrive Because There
Is A Plan For You To Prosper In Every Area Of Your Life.
Many People Today Are Living In "Survival Mode." If They
Can Just Make It Through The Day, They've Accomplished 
Their Goal. And, There Are Times When Circumstances Can
Seem Overwhelming. There Are Seasons That Are More
Difficult From Others. The Most Important Thing Is That
We Thrive For Success In Every Direction Of Our Life.
Snatch Balance
(Warm Up: 10-8-5)
6 Rounds:
10x Pull Ups
10x Thrusters
100m Sprint
-I Am Legend 

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