Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"I Was Always Dreaming About Powerful
People. Dictators And Things Like That. I Was
Always Impressed By People Who Could Be
Remembered For Hundred's Of Years. Even Like
Jesus, For Being Remembered Thousands Of
Years. When I Was Ten Years Old I Got This Thing
That I Wanted To Be The Best In Something,
So I Started Swimming. I Won Championships
But Felt I Couldn't Be The Best. I Tried Skiing,
But There I Felt I Didn't Have Potential. I Played
Soccer, But I Didn't Like That Too Well Because
There I Didn't Get The Credit Alone If I Did
Something Special. Then I Started Lifting Through
The Other Sports And I Enjoyed It The Most. I
Won The Austrian Championship In 1964, But
Found Out I Was Too Tall. So, I Quit That And
Went Into Body Building. Two Years Later I
Found Out That That's It -- That's What I Can
Be The Best In." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Whatever It Is That You Do -- Be The Best!

Push Press

Power Clean Pulls *Pocket Strength

400m Repeats x 8
*90 Seconds Rest Btwn Sets

-I Am Legend

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