Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just As The Ground That Receives The Rain Does Not
Immediately Evidence Its Benefit Other Than Softening
The Soil - In Time A Green Shoot Of Life Appears As A
Long Lost Friend Poking Their Head Up In A Crowd To
Delight You With Surprise By Their Very Presence.
Dark Clouds And Wind Seem To Dampen Our Days
Rather Than Bless Them. But It Is From Them, Which
Of Necessity, Showers Of Blessings Are Produced. Could
It Be That In Our Darkest Times, When The Plans For
Those Perfect Sunny Days Must Be Aborted And We
Find Ourselves Scrambling To Run For Cover To
Salvage Whatever We Can That We Are Really Being
Soaked In Blessings? Could It Be That The Very
Experience That Seems Anything But A Blessing,
May In Reality Be The Bearer Of Good News And An
Invitation For Us To Open The Door Wide & Let Them In?
You Hear The Popular Saying "When It Rains It Pours"...
It All Depends On How You Are Soaking Up Your Rainy Days
#Be Aware Of Blessings All Around You#

Front Squat

Rack Jerk

4 Rounds
100m Dual KB Farmer Carries #70 / #53
20x Single Arm KB Swings
20x Single Arm KB SDHP

-I Am Legend

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