Monday, January 9, 2012


Change Is A Word We Hear Oh So Often. Whether
We Like It Or Not, Things Are Going To Change; We
Can Influence How They Change, And Whether
The Change Has Positive Direction For Our Life.
There Is Much That Affects Our Own Well Being That
Is Within Our Control. Change Will Sweep Through
Our Life, As Needed, To Take Us Where We're Going.
We Can Trust That Our Higher Power Has A Plan In
Mind, Even When We Don't Know Where The Changes
Are Leading. We Can Trust That The Change Taking
Place Is Good, And The Wind Will Carry Us Where
We Need To Go.


Muscle Up Progression *From Ground Or Box
Work On Pulling To Chest, Shoot Through, And
Stabilizing Top Position.

10 Rounds:
15x Deadlift #135 / #95
15x Push Ups *With Release

-I Am Legend

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