Thursday, January 5, 2012


"The Important Thing Is This, To Be Able At
Any Moment To Sacrifice What We Are; For What
We Could Become." -Charles Dubois

Whether You Are In Those Last Few Yards Of
Dragging That Heavy Load, Or There Are A Few
Minutes Left In That Amrap, Or You Have Two More
Reps To Go, And The Bar Feels Like It's Slipping I
Want You To Remember.... You Have All Put In
Hours Upon Hours Of Commitment To Reach A Level
That Not Everyone Will Experience. It Takes
Discipline, Dedication, And Drive To Accomplish
Our Hardest Tests. Sacrifice Out There This Weekend
Fellas And The Reward Is Eternal. Good Luck: Scott Wells,
Josh Parker, Ryan Barker, Francisco Salgado, And All
Athlete's Competing This Weekend At The Competition.

Bench Press

Snatch Pulls *From Pocket

10 Rounds:
10x Wall Ball #24 / #20
15x Double Unders

-I Am Legend

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