Monday, January 16, 2012


Self Acceptance Essentially Means That You
Understand Who You Are And Where Your
Strengths & Weaknesses Lie. You Know What You
Want. This Will Eventually Allow You To Be
Comfortable With Your Place In The World.
Self Acceptance Means That You Are Happy
With Who And What You Are, But It Does Not Mean
That You Give Up Any Hopes Of Change Or Improvement.
I Was Talking To A Friend One Time Who Had
Recently Lost His Job, Was Losing His Condo On The
Lake, And Was Sure He Was About To Lose His Truck.
He Didn't Know What Was Going To Happen Or
Where He Was Going To Go From Here!?!?
After Some Good Training Sessions, Some
Positive Conversations, And Faith That He Always
Kept No Matter How Rough It Got; He Had
Accepted Who He Was And Where He Was In Life.
Now He Is The Proud Owner Of CrossFit Point Break,
And A Positive Mentor, And A Role Model For The Many
People Who Look Up To Him. Acceptance People...
That Is The First Step To A Lifetime Full Of Growth
& Prosperiety!

"There Are Two Primary Choices In Life: To
Accept Conditions As They Exist, Or Accept
The Responsibility For Changing Them" -Denis Waitley

Elevated Dead Lifts *12 Inches

5 Rounds:
100m OH Walk #135 / #95
10x Air Squats
5x Burpee

-I Am Legend

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