Monday, October 24, 2011


I Consider Myself More Of A Guide Than

Anything Else. I Can Tell You What I Would

Do In Your Shoes, Not Mine. I Then Allow You

To Make A Decision And Bump You In The

Right Direction When You Stray Or Don't Get

It. In The End, If You Do Not Learn, Progress,

Or Get It, I Have Failed You As A Coach And Guide.

For Sure, On Numerous Occasions I Have Been

Stumped By Training Issues Or Questions. I Have

No Problem Saying, "I Don't Know" Or "Let Me

Find Out." There Are Plenty Arrogant Coaches

Out There, But As A Coach You Do Not Have To

Be One When You Don't Have The Answer.

Good Coaches Have The Ability To Talk To Anyone.

I Consider Myself To Be Pretty Successful At

Talking To An Athlete And Pretty Much Anyone

Without A PhD In Something Or Another. Good

Coaches Explain Things Easily To All People,

Schooling Or Not. Plenty Of Times, I Have Been

Blown Off By Mr. PhD Or Mr. "I'm About To Be"

Because I Explain Things In The Most Basic Of

Laymen's Terms. I Think This Offends Them
Because They Have Studied The Big Words So

Hard To Seperate Themselves From Everyone Else

Instead Of Listening Because Everyone And

Anyone Can Give You An Idea. Most Of The Time

They Go Back And Read As Much Research On

A Subject In Hopes Of Disproving You Or Looking

For The "It Depends" Factor. The "It Depends"

Factor Is Usually When It Can't Be Proved Through

Science And Therefore Has To Have A Bunch

Of Circumstances Behind It Or They Just Don't

Know. The Bottom Line Is There Is No Confusing

The Basics.

Coaching Does Have To Have Measurable

Progress Over Time. This Is Where Seperation

Occurs. Good Coaches Have Been Through

The Ringer. I Also Think The Best Coaches Are

The Ones Who Had To Fight For Every Inch

They Got. The More Sticking Points To Overcome,

The More You Learn. The Guy Who Struggles

The Most Is Usually A Better Coach Or Has

Atleast Learned More Through All The Obsticles

He Has Faced.

The Truest Test Of A Good Coach, In My

Opinion, Is The Coach Who Can Recognize

The Potential Of An Athlete. I Can Look At

A Guy / Girl And Tell You Their Potential

In A Few Seconds. Not Perfect But Close To It.

Potential To Me Is What A Person Can Do With

Their Body Given The Right Circumstances,

Which Is Mostly Instilling Belief In A Person.

Belief Is Way More Important Than Talent Or

Genetic Gifts. Will That Person Reach Every

Goal I Believe They Can? Sometimes Yes

And Sometimes No. It's The Word Or Belief
In Them That Inspires Them And Gets A Person

Thinking That The Impossible May Be Possible.

You Have To Work The Skills, Raise The

Weak Areas, Go To Competitions, Manage Your

Weight, Prepare Mentally And Practice,

Getting Proper Nutrition And Programming

Is Vital. #Underground Legends

Snatch Pulls

2x2x2x2 *Heavy

Muscle Snatch



12 Minute Amrap

1x Clean & Jerk #155 / #105

5x Pull Ups

5x Toes 2 Bar

-I Am Legend

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