Sunday, October 3, 2010


We All Sorely Complain Of The Shortness Of Time,
And Yet Have Much More Than We Know What To Do
With. Our Lives Are Either Spent In Doing Nothing
At All, Being Used For A Purpose, Or Being Used
For Something We Shouldn't Be Doing. Do Everything.
Love As Much As You Can - It May Hurt But You Will Grow.
Give All You Have - You May Be Poor But You Will Be Content.
Teach All You Know - Learn What You Don't.
Stay Open To All - Appreciate What You Have.
Close Grip Bench
10 Minutes Of Power Cleans #205lbs
*1 Rep Every 30 Seconds
Rest 3 Minutes
10 Minutes Of Push Jerk #205lbs
*1 Rep Every 30 Seconds
Rest 3 Minutes
4 Minute Clock *Max Rep KB Swing
-I Am Legend

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