Saturday, April 2, 2011


Anybody Can Achieve Anything. Do You Believe That?

I Do. But There Is A Caveat That Must Be Made. Those Who

Succeed Are Those Who Walk Through The Door Of

Opportunity When It Swings Open. That We Know. So, The

Principle For Us Is: Be Ready! Are You Ready? Are Your Skills

As Sharp As They Could Be? Are They Enough So When Your

Shot Comes You Can Perform? Is Your Character Deep Enough

To Handle Success? Let's Face It, You Don't Want Big Success

If Your Character Won't Be Able To Handle It. Are You Working

Hard To Position Yourself Now? The Job To Do While Waiting For

The Door To Open Is To Develop Your Skills And Your Character,

So As To Position Yourself To Get Through That Door Before It

Closes. Your Door Will Open Someday. It Opens For Everyone.

It May Only Open Once Or It May Open Many Times. It Is Different

For Everyone And Life Just Isn't Fair That Way. Everybody Get's

A Shot. Will You Be Ready?


Bench Press



5 Rounds:

400m Run

10x Back Squat *Choose Weight

-I Am Legend

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