Saturday, April 9, 2011


It Seems These Days That Everyone Is Seeking

Perfection. A Perfect Job, Perfect Wife/Husband,

Perfect Children Which They Feel Will Add Up To A

Perfect Life. Wrong!! The Only Person You Can Perfect

Is You. What Is Perfection Anyway? Whose Standards

Are You Using To Define Perfection? Finding And Building

Something Perfect Requires The Ability To Be Critical Of You.

I Don't Mean The Self Pity Type Of Critical; I Am Referring To

Critical THINKING Regard Yourself, Where Are You Both

Emotionally & Spiritually? Have You Worked Through The

Issues In Which You Have Failed In The Past? In Reality,

You Can Learn A Lot About Yourself And What You Need By

The Failures In Your Life. Reach For Greatness, Reach For

Positive Outcome, Reach For Perfection!


Box Squats



5 Rounds:

12x SDHP #115 / #75

9x Ball Slams #20 / #14

6x Burpee

-I Am Legend

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