Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Leaders Such As Churchill, Mother Teresa Of

Calcutta, Gandhi, Mandela, Napoleon, Darwin, Or

Einstein Seem To Have Special Capabilities That Set

Them Apart From The Rest Of Us. People Commonly

Regarded As Great Leaders, No Matter What Sphere Of

Activity, Whether It Be In Business, Politics, The Arts, The

Military, Academia Or Sport, Tend To Have Certain

Characteristics. After Doing Some Research I Found That

The Top 6 Are Super Important: Determination - Energy -

Capacity To Inspire Respect - Capacity To Action Solutions

To Problems - Self Confidence - Ability To Communicate

Fluently And Effectively. It Is Always Important To

Remember That Communication Isn't Just About Talking,

It Is Also About Listening. So If You Think You're Good Now,

Work On These 6 Things And Go From Good To Great!!


AB Circuit

250x Repititions


Run 1600 Meters

Rest 3 Minutes

Run 1200 Meters

Rest 2 Minutes

Run 800 Meters

Rest 1 Minute

Run 400 Meters

-I Am Legend

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