Thursday, April 7, 2011


We All Have An Obstacle Or Challenge We Have Faced

Or Are About To Face That Requires Us To Decide What

Action To Take. Whether It Be An Illness, Life Changing

Decision, Addiction, A Relationship.... It Doesn't Matter.

No Matter What We Decide, We Will Decide Something.

In My Life, Like So Many Other's, I Have Had My Struggles,

Pitfalls, And Events Where Life Just Punched Me Right In The

Nuts. However, During My Lowest Of The Lows Many Would

Ask Me, "How Can You Be So Positive Right Now?" I Would Just

Know That Within Myself, To Get Through It, I Had To Stand Up

And Keep Moving Forward. Giving Up Was Not The Decision I

Was Going To Make. It Was, And Always Will Be Because......

I Decide!

-Michael David Reilly


150x Abmat Sit Ups


AMRAP In 5 Minutes

Squat Clean & Jerk #165 / #110

-I Am Legend

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