Sunday, April 24, 2011


The Christian Religion Teaches That Self - Sacrifice Is

A Quality We Should All Strive For. The Ultimate Gesture

From The Gospels Is That Of Turning The Other Cheek. This

Is Doubtless More Preached Than Observed, And Probably

Not So Often Even Preached. Perhaps No One Even Believes

Turning The Other Cheek Is Achievable Or Desirable. When

You Think Of Sacrifice What Does It Mean To You?

I Believe The Person Who Sacrifices Themselves To Their

Own Detriment For The Benefit Of Others Does Themselves

A Disservice. But The Person Who Sacrifice Aspects Of Their

Life For Their Principles Is Not Sacrificing Themself At All,

But Being True To Themselves.


Run 800m


14 Rounds

10x Deadlift #95

10x Squat Clean

10x Push Press

50m Walking Lunge

Rounds 3-7-9

7x Turkish Get Ups #53

-I Am Legend

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