Sunday, April 10, 2011


Two Forces That Influence Our Decsions!

1. State - Moment To Moment

You've Gotta Learn How To Manage Your State Of Mind If

You're Ever Going To Manage Other's.

2. Your Blueprint - Long Term

Your Beliefs And Your Values And Your Rules Of How Life

Is Supposed To Be. If Your Blueprint Says You Can't Do

Something, You Won't Find A Way. A Faulty Blueprint Causes

You To "Should" All Over Yourself Because Circumstances Or

People Don't Match Your Blueprint. You Have To Be Able To

Affect People's State And Help Them Change Their Blueprint.

Decision Making Is The Force That Shifts Destiny, Personal Or

Professional. Most People Don't Have The Guts To Make The

Tough Decisions Because They Want To Make The Right Decision.

-Tony Robbins


Push Press



5 Rounds

3x Power Snatch #135 / #95

5x OHS

7x Lateral Burpee

-I Am Legend

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