Sunday, August 14, 2011


Did You Know That Getting Out Of Your "Normal Routine"

Is Good For You? Summer Typically Is A Good Time Of Year

To Experience A Change Of Pace. Many People Schedule

That Change Of Pace With A Vacation. Whether You Have

A Vaction Planned Or Not, There Are Real Benefits To

Changing Things Up, Even If It's Just For Several Hours.

Getting Out Of Your Normal Routine Is Rejuventating For

Your Mind And Spirit. So, Whether You Have Something

Planned Out Or Not, I Encourage You To Try Something New

This Month!! Change Your Pace & Experience!!


Rack Jerk

5x5x3x2x1 *Find 1RM


10x HSPU

20x Wall Ball

30x Toes 2 Bar

40x Power Cleans #135 / #95

50x Burpee *Jump On Plate

60x SDHP #75 / #55

-I Am Legend

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