Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A Leap Of Faith Is Not A Leap Into The Dark,

A Leap Of Recklessness, A Leap Of Presumption,

Or A Leap Of Wild Speculation. Rather, It Is

A Leap Of Faith Into A Major Decision Or

Commitment That We Are Confident God Is

Directing Us To Take. A Leap Of Faith Can Mean

A Major Change In Our Lives That Takes Us Down

A New Pathway And Away From The Familiar.

The Convenient, Or The Comfortable. 2 Years

Ago I Took A Leap Of Faith When I Left What I

Knew & Practiced For Years, And Decided To

Join The CrossFit Community. These Last Few

Days In L.A. At The CrossFit Games 2011

Reminded Me Why I Love This Community & My

Life As A CrossFit Coach... Thanks Everyone!!


Close Grip Bench Press



Amrap 7 Minutes

7x Power Snatch #95 / #65

14x Box Jumps

-I Am Legend

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