Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For Every Movement We Make No Matter How

Big Or Small Our Nervous System Sends A Signal

To The Muscle That We Want To Contract,

Allowing It To Contract. Simply Put The Speed

In Which Our Nervous System Communicates Can

Actually Be Trained To Respond Faster Or Slower

Depending On How We Train. Muscles Are Like

Elastics In The Sense That They Store Elastic Energy,

The Greater The Speed Of The Muscle Lengthening

The Greater The Speed And Force Of The Contraction.

The Principal Of Elastic Potential Also Needs To Be

Practiced And Trained. The Combination Of These

Two Principles Creates Faster And More Powerful

Movements. Lift Fast Train Faster!!


Sumo Deadlifts



3 Rounds

21x KB Swings #70 / #53

15x Knees 2 Elbow

9x Ring Dips

-I Am Legend

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