Tuesday, September 20, 2011


People Are Afraid Of The Word Discipline.

Discipline Is Not A Punishment. You Will Enjoy

It Once You Know It. Discipline Means Self Commitment.

Discipline Means To Regulate Yourself On 3 Levels:

Mind, Action, And Speech. Determine That From Today

You Will Begin To Discipline Yourself. It Is A Simple Thing.

Do Not Make Big Plans Or Too Many Rigid Rules For

Yourself. If You Do Not Have The Zeal, Vigor, And

Determintion To Discipline Yourself, You Cannot Follow

The Path. When You Have Decided Something, You Need

Determination To Act According To Your Decision. If You

Lack Determination, You Will Not Be Successful, Even

Though You Have Decided. Know What You Want And

Know What Comes With It. Progression Is Everything.


Abs Circuit

250x Total Reps


"Body Weight Crusher"

4 Rounds:

25x Double Unders

200m Run

10x Burpee

10x Pull Ups

10x Knee 2 Elbow

-I Am Legend

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