Friday, September 23, 2011


Life Is A Challenge. Most People Struggle To Meet

Their Ends. Few People Succeed In The Race Of Life.

There Are Situations Where You Will Be At Crossroads

Between The World And Soul. Negative Energy Of People

Around You Will Be Diminished Through Positive Thoughts.

If Surroundings Around You Seem Unfavorable, You

Need To Move To A Better Environment. Start Sowing

Seeds Of Positive Thoughts In Your Mind And Develop A

Cult Of Positive Thinking. Nothing Beats The Power Of The P!


1 Mile Run *PR


A1. 7 Min Amrap

7x Box Jumps #24 / #20

7x KB Swings #53 / #35

7x Pull Ups

A2. 1 Min Amrap

Prowler Push #140 / #95

1m = 1 Rep

-I Am Legend

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