Thursday, September 1, 2011


Everyday Our Bodies Are Working To Keep Us Alive.

Our Bodies Are Regulating Temperature, Fluid Levels,

Breath And Heart Beat; However, What About In Extreme

Situations? The Brain Is Touted As The Most Important

Tool When It Comes To Survival. If A Person's Mind Is Not

Focused On Survival, Their Chance Of Making It Out Alive,

Decreases. This, Of Course, Sounds Far Simpler Than It

Really Is. The Stress Of Being In A Life Or Death Situation

Can Cloud A Person's Judgement And Make It Difficult

For Them To Remember Basic Survival Knowledge. Stress

Is Inevitable, But A Person Can Choose How To Deal With

It. It Is Important To Take A Few Minutes To Breathe And

Think About The Situation. Think About The Tools At Your

Disposal, Where You Are, Who You Are With, And 3..2..1 Go!


Push Press


GHD Sit Ups



10 Minute Running Clock

*Every Minute On The Minute Complete

5x SDHP #95 / #65

*Remainder Of Min Complete AMRAP Of D.Unders

Total Score Of WOD Is Total D.Unders

-I Am Legend

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