Thursday, November 4, 2010


In Short, If You Want To Become Successful You Must Set
Extraordinary Expectations For Yourself And What You Are
Capable Of. I'm Not Talking About Baby Goals Here - I'm Talking
About Goals And Expectations That Make You And Others Feel
Uncomfortable. Life Is Too Short To Be Negative And To Spend
Too Much Time Focusing On Why Something Isn't Going To
Work Or Why It Hasn't Worked In The Past. Think About
Our Greatest Successes. Chances Are That In The Moment Of
Your Greatest Success You Were In A State Of High Energy
And Focus - You Were Able To Fixate Narrowly On Your Outcome,
But At The Same Time You Were In A Positve State Of Mind
Such That If You Needed To Change On A Dime You Were
Ready And Willing - The Only Thing That Mattered Was The
Outcome Of Success.
Full Squat Snatch
5 Rounds
5x Thrusters
100 M Sprint
*Load More Weight On Every Set Of Thruster For Max Load
-I Am Legend

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