Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Being Thankful Opens Us Up To Receiving All Kinds
Of Wonderful Blessings. When In A State Of Gratefullness
We Acknowledge Our True Selves & Radiate This Energy
To Others. What Does It Mean To Be Thankful? I'm Not
Talking About Being Polite After Someone's Opened The
Door For You. I'm Talking About Feeling Thankful For The
True Blessings In Your Life. "True Blessings" Mean The
Things In Your Life That Resonate Importance In Your
Life - The Things That Touch Your Core. You May Be
Wondering Why It's Important To Feel Thankful. Oprah
Talked About This Concept A Few Years Ago And She
Suggested Having A Thankfulness Journal. This Is A Great
Idea Because It Keeps Us Focused On The Positive In
Our Lives. It Helps Us See The Great Things We Have And Do,
And Puts Our Frustrations And Worries Into Perspective.
But Even If You Don't Have A Journal, You Can See The
Benefits Of Being Conscious Of Thankfulness - Again,
It Keeps Us Focused On The Great And Wonderful Things
In Our Lives. -Happy Thanksgiving 2010
Front Squat
100x Double Unders
5x Full Snatch #95 / #65
75x Double Unders
10x Full Snatch
50x Double Unders
15x Full Snatch
25x Double Unders
20x Full Snatch
-I Am Legend

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