Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do You Really Know What You Are Eating Each Day? We
Often Snack And Eat More At Regular Meals Than We Realize.
To Get A Better Idea Of What You Are Eating On A Daily
Basis Keep A Food Journal For A Few Days. All You Need Is
A Notebook And A Pen. Write Down Everything You Eat And
Drink On A Given Day. It Is Also A Good Idea To Make Notes
About Any Emotions Related To What You Eat. For Example,
If You Had A Bad Day At The Office, And You Have 2 Slices
Of Cheesecake After You Get Home As A Result, Write It
Down. You'll Be Able To Analyze What Causes You To Choose
Unhealthy Foods And At What Times Of The Day You Are
Most Likely To Grab Unhealthy Foods. Recognizing What
Your Bad Eating Habits Are Is The First Step Toward
Correcting The Behavior.
Snatch Grip DeadLift
AMRAP In 20 Minutes
12x Dunbell DeadLifts
9x Dunbell Cleans
6x Dunbell Push Press
200m Sprint
-I Am Legend

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