Monday, November 22, 2010


Often It's Easier To Not Do Something Because We
Fear Failure Or Rejection. We May Fear Failure When
Starting On A New Career-Path. And Rejection From Friends,
Family, And The People Around Us If We Fail. Or We
Might Be Afraid When Asking Someone Out. If You Look At
The Most Successful People You Quickly Notice That They
Have A Different Response To Failure Than The More
Common One. They Don't Take Failure Or Rejection That
Seriously. They Know It's Not The End Of The World If They
Fail. Instead They Look At Each Failure And See The Good
Part About: What They Can Learn From It And Improve Next
Time. They Have An Abundance-Mentality. You Have To
Constantly Work On Your Skills And Sharpen Them. See Failure
Or Rejection Not As Something Incredible Negative That Might
End Your Life If It Strikes. Work Weaknesses, Work Hard!!
Push Press
Squat Clean & Jerk
30x Reps For Time #155 / #105
-I Am Legend

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