Thursday, February 24, 2011


Getting Rid Of Negativity Is Essential For People
And Organizations Who Want To Be Successful. Negativity
Spreads To Relationships, The Work Place And Holds
A Person Down. Psychiatrist And Grief Expert Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross Said, "Negativity Can Only Feed On Negativity",
Which Means It Can Be "Starved Out" If It Is Replaced By
A More Positive Attitude. Getting Rid Of Negativity Is Not
Easy, But Can Be A Life Changing Experience. It May Only
Be One Small Thing In Your Life That Is Keeping You From
Going To The Places You Wish To Be. Step Back For One
Minute Today, And Really Think About How You Can Get
Rid Of The Negativity In Your Life And Replace It With Greatness!
Hang Squat Snatch
5 Rounds:
3x Front Squat #185 / #135
10x Burpee Box Jump
50m Bear Crawl
-I Am Legend

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