Sunday, February 20, 2011


How Can We Find Time In These Busy, Fast Paced
And Overwhelming Life And Work Experiences To Find
Balance In Our Life? Before That, We Have To Find Out
What We Mean By Balance. Sometimes Balance Is A
Different Experience For Different People, Or We Have
A Different Expectation Of What It Means To Have Balance
In Life! What Does Balance Mean To You?
According To The Dictionary, Balance Means: Emotional
Stability, Calmness Of Mind. For You, Does It Mean You
Will Have Time To Get Your Work Done And Have Time
For Family And Friends? Does It Mean You Will Have Time
For Yourself? Does It Mean You Will Eat Healthier? Or
Perhaps It Might Mean That You Will Find Time To
Exercise? Figuring Out What Your "Balance" Looks Like
Is Essential. Every Individual Has His Or Her Own
Interpretation Of The Word "Balance". Until You Know
What Your "Balance" Will Look Like, It Is Difficult To Move
Forward. In Order To Figure Out What Your Balance Looks
Like, It's Important To Figure Out What Your Goals Are In
Life. Do You Have Long - Term Goals? Short - Term Goals?
If Not, Now Is The Time To Consider What Your Goals Are!!
3x 50m Sprint 50%
3x 50m Sprint 100%
3x 50m Sprint *For Time W/ 30 Sec Rest
AMRAP In 20 Minutes
5x Pull Ups
10x Push Ups
15x Air Squats
-I Am Legend

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