Thursday, February 3, 2011


What Ingredients Are Essential To Maintain A Friendship
That Is Strong Enough To Weather All Of The Obsticles That
Confront Two Totally Different Individuals? Trust?
Understanding? Compassion? Concern? Can The Lack Of Any
One Of These Destroy A Friendship. Friends Care About Each
Other. They Are Concerned About The Health And Welfare
Of Each Other. They Feel Each Other's Pain And Share Each
Other's Joys Without Any Sense Of Jealousy Or Envy. They Put
Each Other Before Any Other Lesser Entity Without Hesitation.
They Think About Each Other Even When There Are No Reasons
In Particular To Do So. They Call Without Reason As Often As
They Do When There Is A Need. But There Are No Expectations
Or Demands On Each Other. It Comes Down To Trust.
2 Mile Run
2x Max Rep Push Press #65 / #45
90 Seconds Rest In Between Sets
2x Max Rep Pull Ups
90 Seconds Rest In Between Sets
2x Max Rep Box Jumps
90 Seconds Rest In Between Sets
-I Am Legend

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