Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hope Is The Desire For Something Combined With A
Belief Or Positive Expectation That It Is Possible To Have
What You Want. There Is An Element Of Trust Or Faith In
Our Notion Of Hope. Both Hope & Optimism Are Considered
Universal Virtues Across Most Cultures And Both Are Vital
Behaviors Associated With Happiness. Which Is More Important
For A Happy Life? The Virtue Of Hope & Optimism Is That
They Keep Us Moving, Keep Us In Action Towards The Thing
We Desire. Cultivate More Hope Or Optimism In A Way That
Keeps You In Action And Keeps You Focused On What You Can
Do To Influence The Outcome You Desire For A Happy Life!
HOPE, Do You Have It?
Back Squat
30x Lateral Burpee's
50 Yard Sprint
30x Dunbell Snatches *1 Arm
50 Yard Sprint
30x Dunbell Push Press *1 Arm
*Weight On Dunbell #55 / #35 Each Rep Counts 30 Total
-I Am Legend

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