Sunday, February 27, 2011


Look At The Face On Michael Jordan! Now Look
At The Face Of Phil Jackson! An Elite World Class Athlete
Relying On His Coach To Tell Him What Move To Make Next.
Even The Best Athlete's In The World With A Mass Amount
Of Talent Trusts That Their Coach Will Lead Them To Victory.
Much Attention Is Paid To The Impact Of Stress On
Elite Athletes, But Until Recently, The Impact Of Stress
On Their Coaches Has Been Largely Ignored. What Is Really
Important About This New Discovery Is That The Way
Coaches Deal With Their Own Stress Directly Impacts The
Performance Of Their Athletes. You Practice, I Coach. You
Play, I Coach. You Lose, I Coach. You Win, I Coach. You
Celebrate, I Coach. Once You Commit To Being Someone's
Coach On The Court, Field, Ring, Or In Life; It Is Very
Important To To Know This: It Is Your Job To Bring Out
The Best In Them, It Is Your Job To Be There, To Motivate
And To Show Strength No Matter What! Phil Jackson Said,
"When A Player Surrenders
His/Her Self-Intrest For The Greater Good, His/Her Fullest
Gifts As An Athlete Are Manifested".
Push Jerk
400m Run
Dual DB Thrusters #35 / #25
KB Swing #70 / #53
400m Run
-I Am Legend

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