Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In A Perfect World Success Would Bring You Lots Of
Friends And Admirers. While Some People Would Admire
Your Hard Work And Success, Others Will Probably Just Be
Jealous Of You. This Means You Should Be Ready For Some To
Put You Down Or Tell You That You Only Got To Where You
Are By Luck. Those Are The People Who Are Simply Insecure
And Probably Don't Think They Can Have The Level Of Success
That You Can Have. Don't Let These People Hold You Back!
The Thing You Get When You Let Others Shape Your Career
Is Self-Doubt And Regret. You Will Be Kicking Yourself For
Eternity For Not Atleast Trying That New Position Or Taking
That Promotion To The Next Level. It Is Always Better To Try
And Fail Than To Never Try At All. So, If You Have Something
That You Are Wanting To Do And The People Around You Do
Not Support You Then They Aren't The Right People To Have
Around! Become Successful, Become Legendary!
200 Abmat Sit Ups
4 Rounds:
400m Run
10x Burpee Pull Ups
15x Deadlift #225 / #135
-I Am Legend

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