Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The Only Thing You Need To Know About The Person
You Were Meant To Be. One: When You Wake In The
Morning, Do Not Be Upset About Yesterday Or Spend The
Day Worrying About Tomorrow, Just Live Today. Two: The
"Golden Rule" - Do Unto Others As You Would Them Do Unto
You. For What You Do To Others Will Surely Return To You.
Three: Your Integrity Is All That You Have. How Can Anyone
Respect You If You Are Not Honest? Four: By Speaking Ill Of Others
Only Makes Obvious Of Your Own Faults. My Rule To Live By...
"If They'll Do It With You, They'll Do It To You". Keep Ill
Thoughts And Words To Yourself And Hope Others Do The Same.
Five: Laugh Very Loud And Often. Six: Enjoy Yourself. Be Alone.l
Be Quiet. Be Still. Listen To Your Heart Beat Every Now & Then.
Appreciate How Beautiful Life Really Is. Seven: Never Take
Anything Or Anyone For Granted. So With That Being Said;
You Do These Things Every Day And I Promise You Will The
Best You That You Can Be!! God Bless
Work Weakness
5 Rounds:
10x Over Head Squats #95 / #65
20x Abmat Sit Ups
10x Dual DB Push Press #40 / #25
-I Am Legend

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