Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Through Visualization, Olympic Athlete's Condition Their

Bodies To Accomplish Certain Goals And So Can You. Here

Is How You Do It. Set A Specific Goal Or Call To Mind A

Current Goal. Go Off To A Quiet Place Where You Will Not Be

Interrupted. Get In A Relaxing Position, Close Your Eyes, And

Visualize Yourself Doing All The Work You Need To Accomplish

Your Goal. The More Detailed, Clear, And Real You Make Your

Visualization The Greater The Impact. For Some People And

Certain Tasks This Will Take Longer Than Others. A Great Way

To Start Is To Take Five To Ten Minutes At The Beginning Of Your

Day And Visualize The Perfect Meeting, Training Session,

Presentation To A Client, Or Accomplishment Of A Daily Goal.

Visualize The Finish Line! Where Is Your Finish Line At Today?


Thruster *Find 3RM



20x Back Squat #135 / #95

40x Box Jump

15x Back Squat

30x Box Jump

10x Back Squat

20x Box Jump

5x Back Squat

10x Box Jump

-I Am Legend

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