Saturday, March 5, 2011


I Have An Everyday Religion That Works For Me. Love
Yourself First, And Everything Else Falls Into Line. We
Have All Heard The Saying A Million Times Before --
"When You Take Care Of Yourself First, You Will Then
Be Better Able To Take Care Of, And Give Your Best To
The People You Care Most About". How Many Of Us Follow
This Prescription? For Me, I Am Now Becoming More
Conscious Of This Wonderful Truth. I Was Always So Busy
Worrying About Everyone Else's Needs First, That I Put
My Needs And Thoughts To The Sideline. After Careful
Evaluation One Day, I Realized That This Was Doing No
One Any Good, Because After I Looked After What Everyone
Else Wanted From Me, I Was To Limited On Time, Energy,
Etc.. To Take Care Of My Needs. That In Turn Made It
Difficult To Get What I Needed To Get Done For Me. As You
Can Guess, I Felt Short-Changed By No One Other Then
Myself. Because I Was Not Feeling Like Number One To Me,
I Was In Turn Not Giving My Best To Everyone Else.
Start Each Day Filled With Gratitude For All That You Are,
And All That You Are Capable Of Doing. Count Your Blessings
For The People Who You Love And Those Who Love You.
Be Gracious For Everyone Who Enters Your Life. They All
Come, And Some Go For A Reason. The Lesson Learned With
Each Is A Wonderful Gift. Feel Empowered To Know That You
Can Give Your Best To Everyone Else, When You Put Yourself
First! Look Out For Youself, And Look Out For Success!

5 Rounds:
20x Back Squat #135 / #95
10x HSPU
-I Am Legend

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