Monday, March 14, 2011


In Life Nothing Is Ever Guaranteed. If You Are
Stacking Your Neck On The Fact That There Is Still More
Time For You To Start Making Your Life Count, What If You
Dropped Dead Right After Reading This Sentence? The Thing
That We Must Always Have At The Back Of Our Mind Is The Fact
That Life In It's Very Nature Is Highly Unpredictable. Nothing
Is For Sure. So Postponing Your Very Best Life Til Further Notice
Doesn't Seem Much Of A Great Plan. I Mean, What's Stopping You
From Living Your Great Life Now? What's Stopping You From Going
All Out To Do Those Things You Truly Care About Right Now? We
Have All Been Given A Life To Be Used For Something Worthwhile;
Now Is Always The Best Time To Act On Those Things We Truly
Care About. We Never Can Tell What Will Happen Next. So Always
Life Prepared!! Go Make A Difference Today & Always!
Squat Clean
5x Hang Power Snatch #135 / #95
10x Lateral Burpee
50x Double Unders
-I Am Legend

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