Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Simple Answer Is That Suffering Seems Required
Pain, A Friend
Pain Comes To You, As A Friend.
To Warn You Of Danger. A Friend You,
Don't Want. A Friend You'd, Like To Leave.
If Pain Was Silent, Not A Good Friend.
Awful Disaster May Overrun. So Is Pain A Good
Thing? In The Right Place It Clearly Is Good. When
You Break Your Arm, If It Didn't Hurt, You Would
Continue To Do More Damage If You Didn't Feel Pain.
Yet Pain Can Come Not As A Friend, But As A Jailer.
An Important Aspect Of Pain And Suffering Is How
We Respond. When The Storms Of Life Assail, What Do
We Do? What Do You Do? In Time Of Suffering, Find Joy.
Back Squat *Low Bar
21x Press #95 / #65
18x Burpee Inverts
15x Press
12x Burpee Inverts
9x Press
6x Burpee Inverts
(Buy Out) 120x D.Unders
-I Am Legend

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